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Drink Beetroot Juice to Boost Iron Deficiency Anemia

What is Iron-Deficiency Anemia? It is a condition where the number of red blood cells in the blood is low, thus causing a low blood count. It occurs because your red blood cells do not contain enough hemoglobin, a iron-rich protein that causes blood to be red in color. What Causes Anemia? There are several causes of anemia, which include: Iron deficiency Kidney disease Pregnancy Poor nutrition Deficiency of vitamin B12 known as pernicious anemia Sickle cell anemia Thalassemia Alcohol Bone marrow related anemia Aplastic anemia Hemolytic […]

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Juice Recipes for Juicers: 5 Great Starter Juice Recipes

You’ve just unpacked your brand-new juicer, excited at the prospect of making healthy changes to the way you eat and live, when you realize you have no juice recipes for juicers. Here to help are five great starter recipes, perfect for the juicing beginner. The Green Supreme Green smoothies combine the rich nutrients of greens, which many of us do not enjoy eating on their own, with the sweet flavors of our favorite fruits, making for delicious, fruity juices filled to the brim with vitamins and minerals. […]

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Juice Recipes For Safe And Effective Fasting

This article reviews everything you need to know for a short or extended juice fast including benefits, precautions, preparation, and essential juice recipes. Juice fasts are increasingly popular for cleansing the body of harmful additives we consume through our standard American “junk food” diet. Juice fasts are also popular as a means of losing weight and fighting disease. Proponents of juice fasting explain that unhealthy substances in packaged and processed foods build up in the body. The best way, and some even argue the only way to […]

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