A Million Dollar Question: Is Honey Fattening?

Women and men, all over the world want to have a nice-looking silhouette and an appearance similar to that of glossy, posh super starts. In their attempt to look perfect, many make the huge mistake to starve themselves almost to death, and deprive their bodies of the most essential minerals and vitamins. No pasta, no meat, nothing sweet- this is the ubiquitous saying on the dieters' lips. Refined sugar does not go hand in hand with a losing weight diet, but fruit and honey are here to remind us that although life can be bitter, it can be sweet too. Is honey fattening? Is honey a danger for you perfect shape? The doctors and nutritionists' answer is: no, not at all.

However, it is wide spread the myth of honey being extremely dangerous for a slim silhouette. Why this myth? Honey can help you lose weight, but only if consumed properly. There is no doubt that honey spread over a greasy, butted slice of bread will not make you lose those annoying extra pounds.

Honey connoisseurs claim that it is outrageous, if not a sacrilege to compare natural honey with refined sugar. It is true that both products have a sweet taste, but the similarities between them end here. Is honey fattening? The answer is no, again. Honey is a 100% natural products with no chemical and additives in its composition. On the other hand, sugar is a processed food, rich in carbohydrates- the number one enemies of any diet.

Some may argue that if you give just a quick look in a caloric table of food products, you will notice that a teaspoon of honey has a caloric value of 22 kcal while a teaspoon of sugar has a value of only 16 kcal. Thus, for people not knowing the real properties of honey, the logical assumption is that honey is fattening and a real threat for anyone who wants a model-like figure.

However, appearances are deceptive. A food is not necessarily fattening, although it may have a reliably high caloric value. A food product is a danger for you physical shape only if it is processed. Honey is raw. So, where is the danger? Natural honey has in its composition carbohydrates such as fructose, glucoses, sucrose and other natural types of sugars. They are combined with minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which make honey one of the most amazing food products that nature has ever given to us. Honey is miraculous, not fattening.

Honey is slowly digested within the stomach because of its composition. Therefore, you are not hungry immediately after eating honey and do not feel constant urge to deep a teaspoon into a honey jar. The sugars in honey are freed slower in the blood stream, than the ones in refined sugar.

Moreover, honey like fresh fruit is a whole food product. Researchers found out that fructose rich foods like dry fruit or honey actually help the organism to burn fats and they also determine an increase in muscular strength.

Believe it or not, but the human body burns more calories during the first four hours of nigh sleep, than during any tiresome gym activity. Thus, this seems to be the right moment to burn fats. In order to speed up the process, you have to take two teaspoons of honey before having a good night sleep. No matter what some people claim, honey is not fattening because it stimulates the natural recovery process of the human organism, which leads to a massive fat burning. However, no diet can have the desired effect without regular physical exercises. Probably, if you starve yourself, you might lose several pounds; but you will feel weaker, you will be sentenced to infections and diseases, not to mention the apathy and stress caused by deprivation. With the honey diet, a fifteen minute routine of physical exercises, three times a day, will help you lose in a natural and healthy way the pounds that trouble you so much.

Besides being non-fattening, honey taken on a regular basis, reduces the level of blood cholesterol. The vitamins and the minerals in its composition, make honey an ideal food for healthy diets with long lasting effects.

People are convinced that if they spend hours in a gym and if they cut almost everything from their daily diet, including disposable foods like honey, milk, certain fruit, they will lose weight. The truth is that they will lose their extra pounds but only temporarily. Once they return to a more saturating diet, the pounds will pile up again. Losing weight does not have to be a torture but an experience that will make you healthier and more optimistic. However, you have to keep in mind that the answer to the question: " is honey fattening? " Is a definite no.

Article by: Balas Raluca

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